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Age 28, From Toronto, Canada

Imaginary Girlfriend Service:
Hand-written Letters
Online Chat
Possible video through NetMeeting sessions (depending upon firewalls)

My name is Karinna, I am 28, and live in Toronto. I have a great sense of humor and love to talk.

I can provide friendship and am a writer, so making creative things real (or at least perceived) is no challenge for me. I have a very outgoing personality, and I am open minded and hardly ever offended by anything.

I like animals, and enjoy watching TV, reading all kinds of books, going to movies and basically just hanging out and going out to nightclubs. I am forever taking pics of myself, so updates or pics are never an issue!

Price $45 per two month period.

Due to high demand, this girlfriend is currently off the market. Check back next week for updated availability!
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