You can soon receive personalized love letters by mail, e-mail, photos, special gifts, even phone messages or online chat from your new Imaginary Girlfriend. We won't tell anyone that it's not real!

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Age 20, From Washington, DC

Imaginary Girlfriend Service:
Personalized Letters
Online Chat
Phone Messages

I'm a student at a private university in Washington, DC, majoring in creative writing. As an imaginary girlfriend, I offer personalized, hand-written letters, emails, photos, gifts, AIM chats, and phone messages. I have theatre experience, and can carry off the persona of your choosing. Letters and email will be chatty, describing my day at school and how much I miss you and look forward to talking to you.

When our time is nearly up, I will send email and phone messages expressing my dismay over our break-up, and begging for another chance.

No two way phone conversations.

Price $45 per two month period.

Due to high demand, this girlfriend is currently off the market. Check back next week for updated availability!
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